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It’s unfortunate that when the name Ibiza comes to mind it is usually associated with drunken British louts roaming the streets, swearing, fighting and shagging one another in an alcohol fuelled stupor until the sun rises. Multiply this by fourteen, or for however many days their holiday is. For many, the Mediterranean island’s name has forever been brandished with the “stay well clear” iron and that is a shame, because parts of the island are magnificently beautiful.

Patricia Gray, the award winning Interior Designer, locates an example of southern European style which has attracted artists, writers and dreamers for decades. The stylishly spacious house was designed by the German architect Erwien Wachter. To any design connoisseur, there is a clear indication that his influence was the work of the German-American architect Mies van der Rohe.

Visit Patricia Grey’s blog for more stunning pictures of this “secret place” house on the Spanish island of Ibiza. It’s actually available for rent if you are a friend of the owner. Maybe they would accept the gift of my young cat in exchange for two weeks board.