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Cats are notoriously famous for adding panache to any piece of furniture just by sitting on it. Their beautiful and agile forms often taking the very shape of the item on which they choose to rest or sun themselves. They also like to roam during their rare waking hours and this can often lead to the unfortunate crashing of vases or muddy paws on clean table tops.

Designers Bill and Maria, the founders of Uhuru Design, had this in mind when they designed the ‘Kittyloft’ which is a series of wall-mounted walkways especially for cats. The walkways, which are covered in non-skid carpeting, track around much of their living room and kitchen and have proved extremely popular with their feline pets.

The steps and ledges are narrow so as not to intrude into the room but wide enough for a cat to pace around at quite a speed. Cats naturally like to be up high and admire goings-on from above. This system is a perfect blend of interior design flare and admirable regard for their animal’s sensibilities. The only problem they have faced is cleaning the stray cat’s hairs.