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If you are ready to do some interior decorating, and if you happen to love the environment, then 2011 is the year for you. The Eco Movement is going strong, and there are more eco-friendly products on the market than ever before. Mix and match to your heart’s delight to make the home of your dreams.

Bring the Green-ness Down to the Floor


Want a flooring that looks great, but doesn’t destroy the forest? You might want to consider bamboo. Although this is technically a grass, it is also used for flooring. It grows without pesticides, and it grows quickly so to be harvested after only five or six years. It’s very durable, and it looks great. Look for high-quality bamboo that is formaldehyde-free. Also consider purchasing bamboo from forests that are close to your home. In the long run, bamboo floors are better than hardwood floors because they last for a lifetime. If they start looking worn, you can just refinish the flooring.

If bamboo is not your style, then you might want to consider cork. Instead of chopping down a tree, you can just use wood that is harvested from the bark of living trees. These trees respond to the loss of bark by growing new bark. Perfect for decorating, the cork comes in different shapes and sizes ranging from tiles to planks in a multitude of different colors. It also insulates and blocks sound, and it’s naturally cushiony. Be sure to choose options that are durable enough to withstand the weight of your furniture. That way you won’t have to worry about creating dents in the floor.

Non-Toxic and Natural Paint


The year 2011 is the year of bold, unique color combinations. Celebrate color and life as you decorate, and stay safe by using non-toxic paints. Doing so will benefit your family and the environment. By using non-toxic paints, you can reduce the risk of asthma developing in the household youth, and you also reduce carcinogens in your living environment. When you look for paints, watch for labels that declare them non-toxic.

You should also look for natural ingredients and oils that don’t have a petrol base. “Natural” actually refers to the paints manufacturing process. Double check to make sure that the volatile organic compounds in the paint are at a zero level, or at least a very minimal level.

Green your Bathroom


Sensor-equipped faucets are no longer reserved for rest areas and airports. You can get them in your own home. They not only regulate water temperature and pressure, but can also signal when the water is being wasted. For tubs, try decorating with a stone tub that regulates water temperature, or luxuriate in a bathtub with sensors that keep the water temperature consistent so you don’t have to keep adding more water.

You can even use LED lighting in your bathroom to cut down on electricity costs.

Decorating to reflect your love of the environment can create beautiful results- and if you aren’t sure how to go about it, try shadowing someone you know who does interior decorating or even looking into some interior decorating courses. Your home can look inviting without destroying nature. That way you can rest easy with the knowledge that you designed your dream home by using products that are safe for your family and the environment.