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Insects are not on everyone’s “wish to hold” list and this is understandable. However, sitting on an insect-shaped furniture piece, like the chairs shown in the images below, might well be too intriguing to avoid. The bug chairs are the creation of eccentric French designer Michel Haillard and are an eye-catching and irresistibly fascinating study of the strange and unexpected. His assembly of natural materials into visually striking furniture combines human imagination with the beauty of the natural world.

Haillard uses a variety of materials in his work including wood, bronze and silver. The most interesting items he incorporates into his furniture pieces though are wild animal skins such as those from crocodiles and ostriches, together with horns and tusks. The similarity between these natural materials and the shape and appearance of insects is clear to see. A beetle can easily be implied with the use of a rhino horn or elephant tusk. The antennae of many insects lend themselves well to inspired arching curves and chair legs. Haillard has combined these observations with the traditional design of African tribal thrones to create a gentle sense of nostalgia for pomp as well as for irony.

The French designer, who was once a cartoon artist, uses materials in a way that does not detract from their natural splendour whilst at the same time manipulating them to fit his imaginative creations. Placed in a domestic interior, the insect chairs would be impossible to ignore and would demand usage. In this sense, the work of Marcel Duchamp might well have been an inspiration.

You can read more about these chairs and their designer here: Michel Haillard Universe.

Via: Trendhunter.