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I’ve always been a fan of accent tables and stools so it was no surprise when this Infinity Stool caught my eye. An accent table, by its very name and nature, is an item of furniture that highlights, accentuates and in some ways alters the ambiance and look of an interior space. One has to be careful not to become ‘accent’ happy but with the right balance, the accent table and stool can really improve the feeling of a room.

infinity-stool-accent-aluminumIn many cases, an accent table can double-up as a stool or side table. For instance, one day it can be a table with a vase of flowers or the TV remote control on top and the next it can be a funky modern stool for a social gathering. Depending on the material, they can even be used outside on a patio or dry lawn. With a contemporary accent table, the possibilities for use are endless.

This Infinity Stool you see in the pictures is made in a delightfully fluid ‘hourglass’ shape from aluminum. Its mirror finish provide as extra lift which will create a more dynamic accent when located in a room. This particular accent table and stool will look great in most interiors, from the living room and dining room, through to the bathroom and basement as well as outside.

aluminum-infinity-hourglass-stoolYou can purchase this stool/accent table from here: Infinity Stool

To see a number of similar models then have a peek at this page: Funky Hourglass Accent Tables and Stools

This Infinity Stool is priced at $178.