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A desk lamp is an essential lighting accessory that illuminates dark work surfaces for people who work in poorly lit conditions or during the evenings and night. For many, a traditional desk lamp will suffice that can be picked up in any local store but for others, who admire sophisticated designs and are seeking an industrial style desk lamp with a certain minimalist aplomb, then this Techno Desk Lamp as seen below is going to be an attractive option.

industrial-desk-lamp-techno-minimalistSpace on a work desk can often be at a premium but with this industrial-style Techno desk lamp, the lamp itself only needs a tiny area of desk from which to operate. The small base of the Techno lamp does not hinder the stability and workability of this adjustable contemporary desk lamp. A moveable head means the user can manipulate the light source with a light adjustment of the cool-to-the-touch handle.

In many ways, this industrial-style and minimalist Techno lamp is almost akin to having a personal assistant looking after your lighting conditions and being at your beck and call. As well as this, the contemporary style and arching simplicity of the lamp means it’s not only highly useful but also delightfully aesthetically pleasing. You can read more about this desk lamp by following the link given below.

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It’s currently priced at $188