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Stainless steel watering cans for the home are greatly beneficial to plant loving home-owners. I’m sure you’ve tried watering your plants with a mug or bowl of water only to end up with half of the contents spilling onto the table top, or even worse, your trouser leg. The water tends to ‘stick’ to the rim and slide down the outside of the container you use. It’s frustrating and can be costly to your furniture and flooring.


Stainless steel home watering cans are the ideal substitute. The good ones, like the Blomus watering can seen in the picture above, come with specially designed nozzles that direct the water directly and cleanly onto the soil of the plant pot. This also means you not having to move leaves about with your hands or arms as you attempt to give your plants much needed nourishment.

The Blomus watering can comes with a large handle which can be gripped with both hands. Indoor watering cans are by their very nature smaller and lighter than the outdoor versions, however, they can still become heavy when filled with water. For the elderly, disabled and young children, being able to use both hands can be of great benefit. This will also avoid any wrist and back sprains caused by one handed lifting.

You can see a further collection of watering cans similar to this one on the following squidoo page: Stainless Steel Indoor Watering Cans.

To buy the can shown in the picture above, follow this link:
GREENS Watering Can by Blomus

Price: $59.75