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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, many lovers will be looking for a romantic gift to give to their special someone. This red sculpture comes in the form of four letters which make up the word ‘Love’, as seen in the image below. When you desire a contemporary accent piece which highlights the love you hold for your other half, a colourful sculpture is a great choice as it can be shared if you live together with your partner.

The red LOVE sculpture is the creation of Robert Indiana, a notable proponent of the Pop Art Movement. This Love sculpture is in fact one of his most famous works and was first designed back in 1964 for the New York Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). There have been slight variations of the ‘Love’ design over the decades but the basic format has remained the same and has been seen in various guises such as on postage stamps, street sculpture and silk screens.

For anyone with a regard for Pop Art and modern design history, this solid aluminium LOVE sculpture is perfect for use as a paperweight or a stand-alone accent piece in your love’s home. As well as bringing back memories from the previous century, the red sculpture will add an injection of color to an interior and imbue to the nature of love’s warmth and passion. Perfect for any time of year and not just for Valentine’s Day.

You can buy it from here: Love Sculpture – Red.

Price: $78