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I have a personal interest in Indian designs, statues, room decor and culture. My fiancée is Indian and so these wonderful Indian figurines immediately jumped off the page at me. They portray a nomadic Banjara musician couple from the Rajasthan region of India. If you’re looking for some South Asian decorative items for your home, these might well be of interest.


Rajasthan has long seen nomadic tribes playing musical instruments on the streets in order to earn their keep. Indeed, in Medieval India, rich landowners even bought street musicians along with new tracts of land. In return for food, shelter and protection, the nomadic Banjara musicians would sing the landowner’s praises, including their lineage and noble actions.

These two Indian figurines come as a pair and are made of polyresin. They are made in India. If like me you have an interest in the rich cultural heritage of India or just like South Asian art and decor, then these two Indian figurines could be what you’re looking for.

They’ll look ideal on the top of a cabinet or placed on a bookshelf next to some books on India. You can also place them in full view on a coffee table where family and guests alike can admire their forms whilst sipping Darjeeling or Assam tea.

You can buy these two Indian figurines from the following location: Banjara Couple Statues