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Did you like jigsaw puzzles as a child? If so, you will appreciate this fun and novel multi-segment floor covering by designer Nauris Kalinauskas. The jigsaw puzzle rug set is comprised of 12 pieces, each of which can fit together in a multitude of ways depending on the size and style of the interior concerned. When you get tired of one layout, you can easily rearrange the segments to form a completely new design.

The comfortable synthetic carpeting comes with secure rubber backing which grips to the underlying floor. Each set comes in just one color but when purchased with another one or two sets, the jigsaw rug arrangement possibilities become a lot more interesting. There are thirteen different colors available and these include, to name but a few, beige, fuchsia, ivory, pink, red and turquoise.

The jigsaw puzzle rug segments can be ordered in any which way you so desire. One can make a long line of them to highlight a long room or arrange them in a more regular rug style to sit beneath a coffee table. This type of fun jigsaw carpet is also great for children’s rooms where they can form the basis of a play area which can then become toys in themselves.

Students will also find these an attractive accessory to take with them to College where they can bring an impressive and much sought after flooring style to a dorm room. The jigsaw carpet pieces are ideal for people of all ages and tastes, plus with the color variety and design variations on offer, there are a wide range of possibilities to be explored.

You can buy these segment floor covering sets here: Imperial Jigsaw Puzzle Rug and Carpet.

Prize: $99