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A kid’s table lamp can often become one of the main features in a child’s bedroom. This is due to them being located directly next to the bed and also being the main light source for bedtime reading. When you read fairy tales to your little girl or boy, it is the table lamp that often becomes the center of attention along with the book.


This happy teddy bear lamp is perfect for producing a cheerful and friendly backdrop to your kid’s bed. A smiling teddy bear face will calm any nerves a child has about the dark or the school day in the morning. Also on the lamp shade to accompany teddy is a sociable zebra and a jovial giraffe. What fun your child will have making up narratives for these fun characters!

The lamp base is made from hand crafted wood which has also been hand painted. This table lamp is part of a First Impressions bedroom collection but will be perfectly suitable on its own in many types of bedroom interior spaces. The soft colors of the playing blocks and teddy bear make it especially suitable for a very young child.

You can purchase this lamp from the following location: Happy Teddy Bear Table Lamp for a Kid’s Bedroom


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