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Life can often throw things in our path which seem to be a heavy burden. This I.D. Vase is symbolic of this fact in a humorous and eye-catching way. A little metal stick man appears to be holding up a tilting vase in a similar manner to a construction worker moving material around a building site. For anyone with a fondness for stick-men art and sculpture, then this figurative sculpture-cum-vase will be an excellent accessory for a kitchen, dining room or living room setting.

The vase can hold a variety of objects with flowers being the most obvious. However, it’s also capable of being used as a wine bottle holder which can be unveiled to visiting friends and guests during a summer cocktail evening. The characterful little man will have everyone smiling and talking about the security of the holder. There’s no need to worry in this regard though as the tilting vase and sculpture are perfectly secure.

Made from a combination of aluminium and brass, the I.D. Vase will fulfil both a functional and a decorative role in any style of room décor.

You can buy the vase from here: I.D. Vase: Little Metal Man Holding Up a Tilting Vase.

Price: $84