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Hunter Douglas wood blinds are probably the best quality wooden blinds you’ll find on the market. They’re also excellent for conserving energy in the home thereby reducing heating costs and making your interior environment more comfortable. Blinds come in many different shapes, sizes and materials but my favorite has always been natural looking wood and these are the most energy efficient.

Basswood, also known as Lime, is one of the most preferred types of wood in the construction of wood blinds by Hunter Douglas. This is due not only to their strength and durability but also to its distinctive grain. Wood is also one of nature’s best insulators which makes it ideal for those with energy saving concerns. Not only this but a good quality wood also adds a touch of warmth and cosiness to the ambiance of a room.

hunter-douglas-wood-blindsHunter Douglas wood blinds are a good choice for small rooms as well. Curtains can often add weight to a smaller interior which detracts from the interior feel. They’re also suitable for hot and cold climates and insulate in different ways for each temperature range. For bathrooms too, wood blinds can be very beneficial although due to the increased damp found in these types of interior, faux-wood is probably more advisable.

The great thing about good quality wood blinds is their appearance. Whether viewed from indoors or outdoors, the basswood blinds will add an inviting and homely nature to your domestic environment. They are inviting and often contrast extremely well with existing wooden furniture.

Have a closer look at one of my favorites: Hunter Douglas 2” Classics Country Woods Blinds

It’s had some very good reviews. Positive factors included easy instillation, good privacy, quality construction, easy daylight modification, attractiveness and ease of cleaning. They come in a number of different colors too as well as some with electric gizmos.