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Pizza plates come in so many shapes, styles and colors that it can be difficult to know which one to buy. As with many kitchenware items, it’s easier and indeed more interesting to pick a certain theme. This theme can be based on the color of a pizza plate such as the Hungarian hand-painted blue pizza plate in the picture below. Other considerations can be based on the shape, the material, cultural significance and also the decorated design which can be found on the surface.

The hand-painted blue pizza plate I will write about today has a stunningly beautiful floral pattern which is eye-catching to say the least. A tasteful combination of cobalt blue and white gives this Hungarian pizza plate an elegant grace. This should come as no surprise because this blue pizza plate is actually made by Hungarian master potter Istvan Barakonyi who is renowned in Europe for his designer creations. As well as making the pizza plate from white clay, Barakonyi also meticulously hand paints and signs his work, which just makes this intricately designed floral pattern all the more amazing and beautiful.

It’s interesting to note that the floral pattern on the blue pizza plate is inspired by the designs of the ancient European province of Danubia, which can now be found in modern day Hungary. As the name suggests, it straddled the River Danube which now flows through ten European countries. The cultural history of this region is vast, rich and fascinating to read about. This Hungarian hand-painted blue pizza plate has been inspired by this and is a kitchenware item that can be used in the process of heating and eating pizza.

If you have Hungarian ancestry or regular guests from that region, then this pizza plate with a floral design will be more than ideal.

You can buy this plate from the following location: Hungarian Hand-painted Blue Pizza Plate.

By the way, it’s oven, microwave and dishwasher safe.