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If you’ve ever been a student, then you’ll know this scene all too well. The build-up of dirty dishes overflows the top of the sink and keeps piling upwards and upwards. This amazing sculptural instillation by Zeger Reyers is called ‘Hard Water’ and features dining plates reaching three and half metres high and three metres across. It’s the stuff of nightmares for wives with large families but is sure to hit home with students, teens and those who like to regularly hold dinner parties.

Reyers is a Dutch designer and his ethos involves manipulating the environment in which he finds himself, in an artistic and visually interesting way. Nature is his greatest inspiration and combines this with the philosophy of using different interpretations of spaces to create new layers of reality. Amongst his other works was a rotating kitchen instillation which revolved continuously for a few months with a variety of everyday items still inside.

You can see more of this designer’s work here: Website of Zeger Reyers.