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Singular wine bottle holders come in all shapes, sizes and styles. Some of my favourite are whimsical in appearance and an example of one of these is this humorous drinking chef wine bottle holder that sits on a table-top. Dining and kitchen table surfaces are frequently decorative and aesthetically pleasing but rarely are they injected with a touch of humour and merriment. This cannot be said for a table with this very funny drunken chef accessory which is both eye-catching and functional.

Made from resin and painted with astonishing detail, the figurative bottle holder features a chef’s head together with an outstretched arm, which together form the basis of the framework for holding a regular wine bottle. The holder is secure and has a wide base so it’s near to impossible for the bottle to tip over and smash. The detailing of the chef character includes the traditional garments one has become accustomed to when one things of gourmet chefs plus some nice decorative extras such as the red scarf and fabulous facial features.

The drinking chef wine bottle holder also comes with its own cork which is decorated with a miniature chef figurine handle. This can be placed into the mouth of an opened bottle so as to keep the flavour and aroma of the wine inside before consumption. By the way, it’s not just a wine bottle that can take advantage of this wonderfully comical and functional chef sculpture. Table flower arrangements can also be placed inside the chef’s mouth and held upright in the hand, to provide an extra eye-catching feature to a dining table or kitchen counter surface. Guests are sure to love it and the family table will not be quite the same again without the funny chef.

You can buy it from here: Drinking Chef Wine Bottle Holder.

Comes with the option of being gift wrapped.