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“No more monkeys jumpin’ on the bed” says this humorous bedroom wall decal. I found it whilst browsing the ever popular Etsy website and for anyone who has kids, they’ll know how apt it is when they get over excited and jump on the beds in the morning. This humorous bedroom wall decal is definitely for those moments when the peace and quiet is broken by the morning chorus of children’s feet, arms, chuckles and boisterous shouts.

funny-monkey-bed-bedroom-wall-decal-for-parentsThe bedroom wall decal comes in a variety of colors and sizes depending on the dimensions of the wall where you want to place it. As with all wall decals, this one is easy to apply and equally easy to take off at a future date and then re-use. What I particularly like about this cheeky monkey wall decal is the fact each letter has been hand-designed rather than merely copied from a typeset. This gives the design a more personal touch and also makes it look even more like it has been painted onto the wall.

This “No more monkeys jumpin’ on the bed” bedroom wall decal can be placed in the parental bedroom or the kid’s bedroom. Either way it will act as a humorous warning that cheeky little monkeys are certainly not meant to be jumping on the beds, breaking the springs and causing mommy and daddy to become bad tempered. That just means less treats later, as all monkeys know. You can buy this charming bedroom wall decal on Etsy by following the link below.

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Price: $29.