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Bookends come in all shapes, sizes, colors and themes. It can therefore be difficult to find the right kind of bookend that will suit both our personality and also our interior setting. We also need to consider what type and subject of books we might want to use the bookends to hold up and where. If you are a devoted feminist perhaps or a proud wife and mother, you will want something to highlight this element of your character and what better item than this pair of human female figurine bookends in black stone resin?

human-female-figurine-bookends-black-stone-resinWhether you’re looking for these female bookends to be used in the office at work or in the home interior, they will provide a unique and visually appealing accessory to your mantel, bookcase or table. The human form is naturally eye-catching as we partly recognise ourselves in human figurative sculpture and art. Visitors to the interior where these human female figurine bookends rest will be attracted to the delicate yet strong silhouettes of respectful femininity.

The black female figurine bookends are made from stone resin which is heavy-duty and will be able to hold together all sizes and weights of books one might have. Much like strong women do in reality, these female figure bookends will rightly put books, magazines and notepads in their proper place. The black bookends have an Art Deco style which will suit many interior themes especially those interiors with a modern feel.

Celebrate the beauty of women and the pride a lady can find in her feminine form. These female figurine bookends will make an excellent addition to a living room as well where the men of the house can be reminded who exactly has to carry the heavier burden of day to day responsibilities. If you’re a man reading this, then these female form black bookends will make a nice gift for your wife or girlfriend if she is a keen reader and an avid collector of books.

You can buy these stone resin bookends from this location: Human Female Figurine Bookends.

Price: $38