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People often think that ant control and eradication needs various chemical sprays and poisons. However, that is just not the case and in fact the best ways to rid your home of those pesky little ants is using simple and traditional home remedies. These will prevent harmful toxins from being needed in your home and thus make the environment inside safer for your whole family, especially little children and pets. The main aim of ridding your home of ants is to prevent them getting inside the house in the first place.

It might surprise you but killing ants once they are in the home is actually a bad idea. This is because the smell of their dead brethren brings more ants to the scene in order to carry away the carcasses. Think if you will of ants being rather like the armed forces in that they leave no one, or in this case ant, behind. Therefore the best way to prevent further swarms of ants is to engage in preventative measures.

The first phase in your ant prevention mission is to locate the main entrances ants use to gain entry into your house or apartment. Fill in any holes where possible and make sure there is no household garbage left near the doors to your home as these will attract all forms of insect and larger scavenger. Never leave food on windowsills as this is one of the primary entry routes for ants during the warm months when windows are left open.

Ants don’t like all food substances as one might have thought. They absolutely detest items such as red chilli powder, black pepper, mint and cinnamon. If you have a problem with ants walking across kitchen counters and tables then spread a little of these substances across the surfaces affected. The benefits of these are that they are not dangerous to pets and children and are extremely effective.

Open windows are one of the primary routes ants use to gain entry into the home. During the warmer months, it’s impossible not to have the windows open. That needn’t be a problem however as there are a few solutions you can use. Plant some mint and cloves in little shallow tubs and place on the windowsill. A ring of Vaseline or chalk around the window and door frames will also create an effective barrier. Ants will avoid these types of obstacles altogether. If you have a baby then you’re bound to have spare baby powder, this also works.

Another substance that ants absolutely detest and which will help you rid ants from your home is vinegar. This is cheap and in plentiful supply and can be mixed with water to form a more easy solution. Sprinkle some of this on surfaces which are particularly susceptible to ant invasion, especially food preparation areas.

Most of the solutions above will not directly deal with the ants already present in the home but they will stop further ants from entering. That said, after a few days of employing the above tactics, the existing ants will either die or leave the building. Always clear up dead ants when you see them to prevent the smell attracting their comrades. Regularly check for any new holes or gaps as well as renewing the natural remedies suggested above, especially during the hot summer months.