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There is nothing like winter. We have a love hate relationship with winter as old as mankind. You enjoy the cold and snow for a time but after a few months of it you are going stir crazy in the space you love best, your home. Don’t give in to the wintertime blues. You can Feng Shui those blues right out of your home. If you are looking for ways to stave off the midwinter blahs read on.

Winter is when the earth rests and gets prepared to sustain life for another year. The winter is a time for introspection. A time to heal the sunburns of the summer and take it a little bit easier. it gives you a chance to be alone with yourself and get your life back on a more harmonious keel. Incorporating a few ideas from the art of Feng Shui into your winter décor will help you to get centered.

1. Light – the use of lights in varied colors in different areas of the house can break up the monotony of. A lot of people suffer from seasonal effectiveness disorder and having full-spectrum lights can help to energize you on those days you are feeling especially lethargic. Put this light in a the room wher e you spend the bulk of your time. Another thing to break up the bleakness of the indoor scene is using different light sources. Open the curtains to allow in natural sunlight use the lamps instead of the overhead. Little thing like this can help you stave off bouts of depression.

2. Make a comfortable get-away for yourself an area that is all yours. Make it cozy with a large chair some warm earthy pillows and throws. Throw in a comfortable footstool and overhead reading lamp. Let everyone know that this is your space by adding your personal items to it. Being cooped up with the kids all winter will make you crazy. Make this a spot that is off limits for the period of time you need to get centered and refreshed.

3. Smells stimulate the senses you can use the smells of other seasons to bring you out of the blahs. Or better yet nothing smells better or brightens up a cold winter day like homemade soup. If you have a fireplace lithe it from time. Look around your space to see just what may be out of balance. Using the fireplace as the focal point rearrange the furniture to give the room a better flow and see if that doesn’t hit your reset button.

Amy enjoys writing about feng shui home décor. She is an avid water fountains designer and enjoys created calm and relaxing indoor spaces. To learn more about Amy’s most recently designed bamboo fountain collection, please visit her indoor fountains store.