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A bug catcher vacuum is a simple device that allows home-owners to safely and humanely capture bugs and put them outside. This is important for people who have a particular fear of spiders and don’t want these insects in the home interior. A bug catcher vacuum is also toxin-free which means it is safe to use in any interior environment and avoids the necessity to use bug sprays and powders which can be very unpleasant. As well as this, a bug catcher vacuum is safe for the whole family, including children, to use.

The bug catcher vacuum works by sucking insects into a compartment thereby trapping them for safe removal from the scene. Thankfully, for people like myself who hate to kill animals and bugs of any kind, the insect is unharmed and can be freed outside. There are however versions that do kill the insect and these can be purchased as well, depending on your preference. Bug catcher vacuums can be used for both flying and ground-based bugs such as spiders, millipedes and caterpillars.

bug-catcher-vacuumIt’s not just for bug removal that a bug catcher vacuum can be used. They are also extremely beneficial for children and parents who want to study insects in a scientific manner. Special toy bug vacuums are available which allow children to view and examine the bugs, up close, without causing harm to the insect.

Bug catcher vacuums come in different formats. Some are battery powered whilst others use trigger-based suction and air compression methods. One of the most popular humane bug catcher vacuums is the BugZooka model which is battery-free and uses bellows to compress air which sucks in the insect. The bugs are kept in a transparent tube which means children and inquisitive adults can inspect the insect they have caught. The tube is removable for easy transport outside where the bug in question can be safely freed.

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If you have a fear of bugs that creepy crawl over your toes when you’re not expecting it or annoyingly buzz around your ears when you’re trying to work, then a bug catcher vacuum will come in very useful.