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When I was studying the art and craft of Interior Design, watercolor drawings of interiors were one of the staple images we worked on. That’s why I was naturally attracted to a book such as ‘House Proud’ which is a collection of nineteenth century watercolor images from the Thaw Collection. The book is a celebration and example of the large collection given to the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in New York, the only museum focused on contemporary and historic design in the US.

It was fashionable in the 19th Century Europe for aristocratic and upper-class families to commission artists to represent their home interiors in watercolor paintings. These were collected in albums and became heirlooms to be passed down from one generation to the next. The most beautiful were also given to visiting guests especially if they were royalty. The House Proud book showcases these 19th century watercolor interiors together with historical facts on the social, political and economic developments of interior design for the domestic home.

‘House Proud’ is an ideal gift for someone you know who admires 19th Century Interiors and who has an interest in this period of time, particularly in Europe. The splendid cover of the book means it will make a wonderful coffee table book which can be displayed for casual reading when guests and family visit. There’s something exquisite about watercolor interior paintings which I first came across at Art School and has never left me.

You can buy this book from here: House Proud Book – 19th Century Watercolor Interiors.

125 illustrations in total.