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Being able to work from home is a dream come true for most people, I know it was for me; the world is your oyster. But does your home office fit your aspirations?

Making your room as attractive to you as you can, is a key focus in enabling you to work productively and efficiently. Besides, who wants to walk past your office and see you pulling out your hair and chewing on a pencil?

How to Make Your Home Office Attractive

We don’t mean that you have to spend a bundle of money or live in a fancy London hotel-like space, but you can do many small things to make your work area nice. Number one is that you shouldn’t be working out of boxes. Get your storage organized. Put the reams of paper and other things away neatly. Perhaps you can check out a corner computer desk, that will make a nice surface to work off. Your computer will be kept off the floor and stay a lot cleaner. Here are a few quick tips to make your office more attractive to you, and the rest of the family:

  • Make sure the floor is clean and whole.
  • Keep the space tidy and bright.
  • Dust and vacuum a lot. If you are an allergic person, then this is important.
  • If you have a window, get a live plant because this adds considerably to your “ambience”.
  • Check your office chair for any uncomfortable bits. You don’t want to wake up in the morning looking like The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
  • Add a few favourite pictures or photos. Not too many because you don’t want to overtax your brain.
  • A colourful carpet is nice and it can add warmth in Winter.
  • Check the temperature in your office. If you can’t uncurl your fingers you know the thermostat is off.
  • Just make sure that the new office is comfortable for you.
  • Put storage either in a closet, up on the walls, or in storage baskets. Do anything with your supplies, but don’t leave them lying around where you will trip up on them.

How Do I Get Work I Can Do At Home?

If you’ve gone to the trouble of setting up your home office, then getting work established and maintaining it takes a little more than a casual effort. Are you good at networking or tech things on the computer? Set-up a website and advertise yourself, and learn how to advance your rankings. This is called search engine optimization, or SEO. You can use your home office as a hub and still work outside of the home at freelancing. Make a list of activities you can put on or promote or talents you have, and start to advertise.

If you have writing or graphics talent then this lends itself perfectly to a home office. With computers, and if you have talent at these two things, you can work entirely from home and save on petrol. Check out a few freelance websites and study who is on there and what they are doing. Usually you register, list your profile and start bidding on jobs. Build a solid reputation and get good feedback and references and your business will soon be booming. On a freelance site, see what people are bidding on jobs (if you can) and then come in at an average or slightly lower price. As soon as your rep grows, you can charge more. Be diligent and watch for job/project listings frequently.

What Other Things Can I Use My Home Office For?

If you can do several crafts well, like sewing or quilting or building small things or taking digital photos or even scrapbooking, then using your home office for a combined office/crafts room is also a good idea. Use what you have in you, to the best of your abilities. Don’t hesitate to buy a larger desk or a table if crafts are for you. If you have no particular use in mind for your home office don’t worry you will find one, then you will be wondering however you managed without it.

If you are looking inspiration, jot down random ideas and something will gel, even if it takes a little while. Everyone is good at something. You’ve heard of that old expression “necessity is the mother of invention”? Unless they already have money, people need to earn their living and in these hard times, a home office is a fantastic idea and a real money saver. Get the right equipment, perhaps sub for some of that in the interim, and get the ideas flowing. Some basics needed to get started are a decent computer, a phone, creativity, persistence, just a bit of money (advertising and some supplies), a desk of some sort plus a chair, patience and a few deep breaths. While not jumping right in, you have to take the initiative.

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