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A home office chair is one of the most important items of furniture you will buy. If you work from home, for long hours at a stretch, then a comfortable and sturdy high back office chair is what is needed. They come in many various forms, sizes and colors, most are adjustable, some are able to swivel and still others bask in their ergonomic glory. One in particular caught my eye.

black-adjustable-swivel-home-office-chairThis black studio office chair offers comfort and style with its ribbed cushioning and slim profile. Whether you work for ten minutes or ten hours, it will provide a reliable support for your back. A wonderful innovation allows a seat sling to subtly conform to your body.

Curved arms made from chromed steel provide arm resting positions for when you are taking a break to scan the horizon whilst resting your eyes. They are set at an optimal height for most people. The seat sits upon five chrome-steel legs, each with black plastic casters that allow the chair to be easily moved even whilst you are seated.

home-office-chair-in-roomChildren love to swivel on chairs and although adults won’t admit it, so do most of them! This swivel office chair is great if you need to move around a lot in your home study to get folders, files or to attend to more than one desk. Underneath, a hydraulic lift lets you change the height of the seat. An adjustable tilt also allows you to lean back as much or as little as you like, with executive ease.

The chair is covered with a leather-like vinyl texture and costs $298.

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