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The home door alarm, to use a cliché, does exactly what it says on the tin. Home owners and business owners alike can find peace of mind by installing a home door alarm. Once installed they will protect your property, belongings and family from unknown intruders. If someone breaks into your home, the home door alarm will provide a warning that such an incident has occurred and in many cases, a loud nose to scare the intruder away. So what types of home door alarms are there?

There are a wide range of door alarms for the home depending on the type of system that best suits a property and lifestyle. The most common form of home door alarm is the use of a bell, buzzer or beeping sound when someone enters or exits the premises. We are most familiar with this type of system when we enter a small store and a little bell rings above our heads to let the owner know someone has arrived. This form of door alarm is the mildest use of such a system and for homes, a more sophisticated home door alarm is needed.

A home door alarm is basically made up of magnetic contact strips which are placed along doors, windows and their frames. An alarm is activated whenever the contact is broken. Depending on the time of day and the model that is purchased, a signal is either sent to a security company or the local law enforcement. Other types of home door alarm simply make one hell of a racket which wakes the home-owner up as well as scares the intruder.

The average home door alarm is easy to install and in most cases, unlike in the past, the system can be installed by the home-owner themselves due to wireless connections. The price of the door alarm system for the home has also decreased whilst the reliability and function has increased. You can find a lot of alarm systems online which will meet the needs of your family home or business.