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Confrontations in the bedroom over interior design are rather more common than we’d like to think. Not all couples, whether married or cohabiting, share the same tastes in decor as they do in love. This can lead to tensions which are bad both for the sexual side of a relationship and also more importantly, sleep. So what ways can a couple overcome their differences and boundaries when it comes to the look of their bedroom? The following suggestions look at 6 ways of avoiding the battle of the bedroom and thereby possibly saving the relationship itself.

Compromise – The most obvious start to bedroom harmony is compromise. This involves a relaxed coming together of minds and a general ‘meeting half-way’ attitude. Men just do not get excited over pinks, frills and florals unless they are attached to a woman’s near naked body. Likewise, women rarely jump with glee over steel and chrome nor the various electronic gadgets a man likes to have beside his bed like the Warm Mist Humidifier or the Refractor Telescope for looking at hot babes across the street.

angry-wife-in-bedroomA bedroom is a private area that only the couple involved will ever have to see. Therefore, compromise should be based on what allows comfort for both man and woman, as well as things that aid relaxation and sleep. We each like different colors, shapes, textures and designs but a compromise can be had with a little dialogue and understanding.

Shapes – It’s well known in scientific studies that women usually prefer curves and round shapes whilst men are happier with straight lines. A middle way can be achieved by the merging of these tastes together which will suit both man and woman. For example, if the husband wants a bed frame that is straight and minimalist, that’s fine, the wife can then choose the bedding which can incorporate more circular patterns and shapes than the more regular styles. This will give both the man and the woman something they find appealing, in one setting.

Color – If the man and woman’s tastes are quite different from one another, the best option is to meet in the middle with a neutral color for the bedroom walls. White is always a great choice if there is uncertainty as to what tone will suit an interior and the differing tastes. Color can then be added with various accessories and accents which are easy to quickly change and move about over time. These include bedding, wall art, chair covers, cushions, curtains and rugs.

Photographs of the man and woman together as well as their children are some of the best colorful additions a couple can make to spruce up a shared bedroom. The same goes with holiday finds which have positive connotations with both parties concerned.

Texture – Women have softer and more sensitive skin compared to men. This translates to different preferences when it comes to bedding. There are two ways to overcome possible problems in this area. The first is for the man to accept softer bedding, which is not hard to do and should be a requirement. The second, is for two different textures of bedding to be mixed together. For example, one of the pillow cases can be of a higher thread count than the other, depending on the side of the bed where the man sleeps. There can also be one texture for the duvet cover and another for the sheets.

old-couple-sleeping-in-bedChange – Like with interior decor in all rooms in the home, change and variety is something to keep in mind. Change can also be a great opportunity to bridge the differences in tastes a couple might have. Compromise, for example, can be taken to have what the woman likes for 6 months of the year, whilst the other 6 months can be a bedroom design of the man’s choosing. The time periods can be whatever is agreed upon beforehand.

Seasonal changes are a great way to measure the time for new decor schemes and colors. The colder months are more suited to darker colors with touches of warmth in the way of reds and oranges. This style will suit the man. However in the warmer months, much lighter colors and tones such as white, cream and pastels can be employed, although minus any pinks.

Screens – If the worst comes to the worst and no matter how much a couple loves one another, they just can’t agree to compromise, there is a solution. Kick the bastard out! … No wait, I’m getting ahead of myself, that comes after this suggestion.

Screens can work wonders if you have a larger bedroom particularly if one partner is more messy and disorganised than the other. Instead of having endless battles about clearing up and arranging items in tidy piles, a screen can be put up to hide the most offending area. This allows each partner to relax with their own particular way of seeing and doing things, without having to offend the eyes and anger levels of their beloved.

The magic word in this entire situation and battle is ‘compromise’. Any loving and committed couple should be doing this already and if not, should quickly learn how to.