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HIDT Weekly News is a new feature to Home Interior Design Themes and will be added each week. It will focus on the interesting and often bizarre stories surrounding the world of Interior Design and Decor from around the globe. Each story will have a link pointing to the original news or magazine article where you can read about the developments and happenings in a lot more detail.

Savoy Refit – The Savoy Hotel in central London is one of the most famous in the world after opening it’s doors for the first time in the year 1889. A multitude of famous guests have entered its doors, slept in its beds and been entertained in the hotel’s restaurants and bar. Well known figures include Claude Monet, King Edward VII, Charlie Chaplin, Fred Astaire, Babe Ruth, Frank Sinatra and Jimi Hendrix, to name but just a few. It’s also believed to be the location where Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh met and fell in love.

The landmark hotel was closed in 2007 for major refurbishments and was meant to have opened back in 2009, however, this was delayed for a further 18 months. Today (the 10th day of the 10th month, 2010), the Savoy Hotel has reopened and pictures of the new insides have been produced showing the splendid decor and ambiance visitors to the refined and expensive establishment will enjoy. The total cost of the refit is being estimated at a whopping £220m ($350m).

See the pictures here: The Savoy Hotel in pictures.

Success of IKEA – The Swedish homestore giant is continuing its dominant rise as one of the world’s most recognised brands. Today, the stores can be found in nations across the world and in nearly all continents. Europe was conquered first and the spread has reached the United States as well as various locations in Asia. South America is also to see its first IKEA store open this year. The questions people can only ask about this giant is what makes its flat-pack furniture so popular and where will it be going next?

Read more: IKEA – an empire built on self-assembly.

Buying a house in Antwerp – Ever wanted to resettle in the European nation of Belgium? You could be forgiven for thinking the flat countryside and rather dour weather might be a put-off but there are many great qualities to the country especially in and around the city of Antwerp. A roving reporter visits a beautiful town house in an Antwerp suburb which was built in 1895. A market overview, buying guide and pictures are in large supply.

Found here: Historic house in Antwerp.

Steampunk Style – Pictures of the inside of a Sharon house in the US state of Massachusetts can provide answers as to what exactly is the Steampunk style. The stunning interiors in this home showcase the fusion of modern with traditional Victorian styles that make up this wonderfully whimsical abode.

See here: Steampunk Victorian Style.

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