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‘Mad Men’ is a new critically acclaimed television series which has won plaudits from many quarters. One of these is from the world of Interior Design. Viewers across the globe tune in to watch the glamorous lives and loves of a group of characters in a New York advertising agency, set during the 1950s and 1960s. As well as the fashion styles, audiences have become enthralled with the mid-20th Century interior decor schemes.

Whilst men may tune in for the gratifying curves of Christina Hendricks, women are wondering where they too can acquire some of the magnificent furniture seen on the series. The set designers of ‘Mad Men’ have been careful not to fall back on the obvious iconic names of the period and have instead gone for slightly less well known schemes that were nevertheless popular during those particular decades.

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Everyone has fantasised about it. One day you’re stumbling around in your loft and you come across an antique vase or similar item. You clean it up a bit and take it to auction where you expect to make a bit of extra money for the weekend vacation you’ve got planned. Half an hour later you’re on your back suffering from shock and are richer by an incredible 81 million dollars. This is precisely the story that developed in a provincial English auction house after a Chinese vase fetched £51million last week.

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A man dying of liver disease has devoted his final moments of life to doing what he loves best. The 46-year old handyman has created a final cocoon composed of illuminated masks and fluorescent painted walls. Doctors were unsure about what caused the Baltimore resident’s liver problems and thought it might be alcohol related. However, the handyman himself knows the real reason and strangely enough it has to do with the masks he has surrounded himself with.

It’s believed that up to 80% of Americans wish to die at home rather than in hospital. For patients who have some knowledge of when their final moments will come, planning the occasion and setting can be an important factor in dealing with their situation. Whilst factors such as medical bedding and equipment need to be considered, for most people the emotional effects of the interior decor are a more pressing concern.

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