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The consecration of Barcelona’s famous Sagrada Familia church took place earlier today (Nov 7. 2010). Work began on the now iconic building way back in the year 1882 and was designed by the Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi. In 1926, he was killed by a tram on the streets of Barcelona and both the designs of the building were left incomplete and also lost in the destruction of the Spanish Civil War.

Mark Burry, a former member of the architectural team working on the Sagrada Familia has spoken to Vatican Radio about the developments since Gaudi’s death and how the once abandoned and incomplete building had been revitalised and continued. He also talks about two old architects in their nineties who spoke about their memories of working with the renowned Spanish architect.

You can listen to the stories here: Vatican Radio – An architect in Gaudi’s footsteps…

They’ve lived in the same New York apartment for over 60 years. William Harris, a former army pilot, and his wife of 62 years Lucille, thought when they first entered the apartment back in the late 1940’s that they would only be staying a short while. Little did they know that the Third Street apartment would become their permanent home for the rest of their lives.

As would be expected with a home that has seen generations of one family come and go, the items within are a mix of the old and the new. Over the decades a gentle refurbishment here and there has been undertaken to keep up with the varying trends of decor that took place. In the hallway there’s an old dumb-waiter whilst 60-year-old mahogany chests adorn the couple’s carnation-pink bedroom which was once the dining room.

You can see pictures of their apartment here: Finders, Keepers in New York.

Circular tables by the roadside? A New Zealand has come up with a clever way to hopefully reduce car accident deaths on the nation’s roads. Industrial design student Rachel Moller, 21, has also incorporated a small lamp beneath each table top so as they are illuminated to traffic passing by. The student is hoping the roadside tables will act as a reminder to tired drivers that they need to take a rest and drink a mug of coffee. There will also be added extras such as engraved site-specific information for children to collect via pencil rubbings.

Read more about the plans here: Bright idea could cut road toll.

Do you love cats? If so you might find the couple in the next story to be ideal neighbors. A husband and wife in San Diego have created a feline fun-house for their beloved rescue cats. The 9 lucky cats have a whole house of fun ramps, neon-lit walkways, scratching columns and toys to play on and with. In fact, the interior is such an eye catching design that the home has become a local tourist attraction. When it comes to cat decor, it’s unlikely you’ll find a residence with more feline themed clocks, pictures, rugs, wall décor or sculptures either.

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This picture is of my cat.