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Naughty Prince Charles – A British antiques expert known for appearances on the UK version of the Antiques Roadshow has criticised Prince Charles for his recent purchase of a country mansion house. The fear is that the Prince’s attendants and managers are failing to properly upkeep the property leading to furniture and antiques cracking and even shrinking. Examples of furniture include pieces by the 18th Century designer Thomas Chippendale.

The expert is further worried that conservators the Prince might employ to rectify the situation could over-restore the collections and this make them look brand new and like items one would find in everyday stores. Dumfries House in Ayrshire is the property the Prince has purchased and is a Palladian style country house that was formerly owned by the Marquess of Bute. Amazingly enough, the Prince had not even set eyes on the property before the purchase.

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Magic Tablecloth – It’s rather embarrassing when one spills a glass of wine upon a table cloth when in the company of other people. The spill us usually quickly cleared up and sometimes a new tablecloth is brought out of storage. However, what would your guests say if the next time you spilt a glass of wine, a pattern suddenly emerged from the cloth?

This is exactly what happens with the white table cloth known as In Vino Veritas. When liquid is spilt, intricate damask or star shaped patterns appear as if by magic. No longer does a spillage have to mean damage and ugliness but instead it can bring about a new decorative feature to the dinner table.

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Decor Anger Management – Interior Design can have an affect on married couples almost in the same way as psychoanalysis. Indeed, fights and scuffles over furniture, decor and homeware can break out and in some cases have even led to divorce. Naturally there is some underlying reason for the conflict but with home décor being such a constant visual reminder, these frictions can cause ever growing and unfortunate psychological issues.

To help married couples, whether in relaxed or tense marriages, a architectural designer has come up with a special program designed to discover the various personality issues which might affect the way a home should be decorated.

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