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We all know our milk comes from cows but it’s not something we generally like to contemplate too much when enjoying our breakfast cereals or a cup of milky tea. However, this double walled glass pitcher in the shape of cow’s udders is bound to raise laughter and amusement in the kitchen or dining room amongst family and visiting guests. The jug’s shape is attractive, humorous and fully functional for the tasks at hand. Indeed, it’s udderly fantastic.

It’s not just milk for which this udder shaped jug can be used for. Fruit juices, alcoholic beverages and water can also be contained in this unique cow-themed pitcher. The double wall structure of the glass pitcher means the udder shape is more pronounced whilst also keeping the liquid inside cooler for much longer.

If you or someone you know has a weak spot for all things related to cows then this humorous Heffer Pitcher will make the perfect gift. Situated on the kitchen counter, it will compliment cow themed kitchen accessories such as tea cosies, plates and sugar bowls. It’s a definite must have for any farming family.

You can buy it here: Heffer Udder Shaped Pitcher.

Price: $18