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The Hang-It-All Coat Rack by Charles and Ray Eames has become an iconic symbol of the energy and dynamic skill of the Eameses when it came to design. They took the ordinary clothes and coat wall rack and created an inventive and fun home accessory widely popular across the globe. Rarely before had color been used as vividly and as playfully as with the Hang-It-All Coat rack with its colored wooden circular hooks.

eames-hang-it-all-rack-color-hooksThe Hang-It-All coat rack was originally designed by Charles and Ray Eames to match with a series of children’s furniture pieces. These included tables, chairs and wooden play animals as well as masks. However, like most of their designs, whether made as sets or not, they became popular as individual items.

They were designed for the grandchildren of Charles and Ray Eames which adds an extra significance and highlights the focus on attaining a design that any family will enjoy. If you have a hallway that is perhaps a little too monotone in color, then the colorful circle hooks will inject a rainbow effect.

eames-clothes-colorful-wall-rackThe greatness of the Hang-It-All wall rack is not just in the aesthetic qualities but also in the strength of the piece. It’s made of welded steel and can stand up to repeated daily use. A wide variety of clothing and accessories can be placed on the colorful circular hooks including coats, hats, scarves, umbrellas, ice skates, bags, backpacks, robes and many more.

For a little bit of American design history as well as a good looking and practical wall rack, the Hang-It-All has it all. You can buy this contemporary hallway accessory from the following location: Hang-It-All Rack With Painted Circle Hooks By Charles and Ray Eames