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The Futurist and Cubist styles of the Art Deco period are clearly seen in this handsome Deco Table Lamp which is pictured below. A pink dual mesh-laced shade introduces industrial-chic to the lamp which brings the fashion of the early 20th Century into the progressive 21st. The polished steel of the Deco table lamp’s body brings a sophisticated and inspired look to the complete lighting fixture. A warm pinkish glow completes the Art Deco revival.

The Art Deco period began in 1925 and continued until the war-torn 1940s. As an art design movement, Art Deco gradually spread worldwide and influenced interior design, architecture, fashion, art, film and even car making on nearly every continent. Materials that were predominant throughout this style period included aluminum, stainless steel, lacquer and inlaid wood. This handsome Art Deco Table Lamp embodies the typical materials used in the original lamp designs of the 1920s and 30s.

Few people will fail to recognise the Art Deco look of this mesh-laced table lamp. Placed on a table in a contemporary or retro interior, the Deco table lamp will provide an excellent source of accent lighting as well as a fashionable focal point. Whilst the Deco table lamp harks back to an earlier design movement, it’s also fully integrated into the charisma of the 21st Century where old styles are reinvented and brought into the modern age.

If you like the Art Deco style, like I do, then this Deco table lamp will make an excellent addition to a living room, home study or bedroom.

Price: $128