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I’m always partial to recycled home products and designs. A good looking handmade item that has been made from something else no longer required is even better. This is where these wonderful handmade coasters come into view which have been made from recycled magazines. You can see the results in the image below.


Jessica Jones of the blog “How About Orange…” is a keen artist and graphic designer who has made a blog post about her creations. Her latest “after-dinner-while-watching-TV project” was to weave these delightful handmade coasters for cups and mugs from a total of six magazine pages.

If you want to have a go and make some recycled coasters then my advice is to follow the detailed instructions on her blog post which can be found here: Recycled Magazine Coasters

Each instruction point comes with a picture for easy following. From the looks of things, you won’t even need glue, just a pair of scissors. Go on over and have a look.