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Shake my pepper shaker baby! We usually consider the act of shaking hands as part of a greeting ceremony we often go through multiple times a day when meeting acquaintances and new people. However, this hand-shaped salt and pepper shaker set takes on a whole new meaning to the daily hand shake. When you need some extra salt or pepper on your dinner, reach out, take a hand and shake it as if you’ve known it all your life.

The white porcelain salt’n’pepper shakers in the shape of human hands are great for a table setting that requires a little humor and creativity. If you yourselves work in a profession that deals with human hands in some direct or indirect way then these shakers will provide some light relief and ironic symbolism to the end of your busy days at work.

Of course, they can be placed in any type of setting and will match the majority of dinnerware and tableware designs. Placed in a kitchen, they can adorn a shelf or cabinet where they can be seen from within the entire interior. Countless jokes can be made when asking for the hand shakers to be passed during a meal and the only negative point to them might be the tired and worn-out gags that pop up each time they are used.

Modern, original, fun and perfectly functional, these shakers will bring something extra to the kitchen and dining room settings.

You can buy this set here: Hand Shaped Salt and Pepper Shakers.

Price: $38.