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Today I want to share with you another wonderful kitchenware piece by one of my favorite designers David Voll. This hand sculpted ceramic teapot is typical of the New Jersey artist’s ceramic designs which have become popular worldwide from Philadelphia through to Paris and Tokyo. If you’re searching for a ceramic tableware piece with a natural look, then this teapot with a moss-colored glaze will be perfect.

hand-made-ceramic-teapot-moss-colorI’ve focused on David Voll’s ceramics before on this blog and what appeals to me most about his designs is their beautiful forms and delicate looking but strong nature. This piece is perfectly functional and can be used just like any regular teapot and can even be placed in a dishwasher. The hand sculpted features of this moss-colored teapot are what sets it apart from all others.

For a country kitchen theme, this teapot will sit nicely with earthenware accessories and decor. One can also purchase similar tableware items in the same style such as bowels and sugar sets. This hand sculpted teapot will fit not only a country cottage theme but a wide variety of interior designs from the traditional to the modern. One can imagine it as particularly at home in an interior where flowers and plants adorn the kitchen space.

You can see more pictures of this ceramic teapot as well as purchasing details over at the following location: Hand Sculpted Ceramic Teapot with Moss-Colored Glaze.

Price: $169