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Adding stretched canvas art to an interior wall is a wonderful way to bring colour and decorative styling to a room. This leaf themed stretched wall art portrays a number of leaf designs in a varying array of tones and shapes which will sit well in a space where reminders of the natural world are desired. Simple yet also complex, the design will compliment a multitude of décor schemes already present in the interior.

The modern stretched canvas has been decorated using hand printed leaf designs which echo the beauty of Summer and Autumn scenes we can see in both rural and urban environments. It has been made in the United States with a decidedly eco-friendly emphasis behind the construction. All waste is recycled as is the item itself at the end of its life. The inks used are also kind to the eco-system and this can be an important element for many people before deciding to purchase.

White walled rooms with a minimalist design scheme will probably benefit most from this type of stretched wall art where the simple leaf motifs will not be overcrowded and lost amongst surrounding visual accents. That said, a lot depends on the style of your interior and more busy schemes might even benefit from a white wall art piece. The leaves bring the outdoors to the indoors and this will work well in combination with other nature-themed art, sculpture and patterns.

You can buy this piece here: Collage in Cornflower Stretched Wall Art.

Price is dependent upon the size you choose. The sizes range from the smallest which is 16″x16″ all the way to the largest which is 54″x54″.