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Peacocks are known worldwide for being the beautifully colourful birds with the dazzling tail feathers that are used to attract potential mates. This hand-painted wooden peacock is fine example of this stunning bird being inspiration for creative craftsmen skilled in wood carving. The Indian Peafowl (peafowl being the name of the female bird) is the national bird of India from where it is believed to have originated. The species has since, however, spread to all the continents of the world thanks to mankind.

Made from hand-carved wood, the wooden peacock sculpture has been given a rich mix of colors including green, blue, and red hues with golden accents. It has been made by skilled artisans in the north-west Indian state of Rajasthan which is well-known for its popular arts and crafts. The region has become a foreign shopper’s paradise with its huge array of decorated wooden furniture, handicrafts, blue pottery, carpets, and prints. Due to the individual nature of each piece, no two are the same, making the uniqueness and personal quality of each peacock statue more pleasing.

If you have a fondness for Indian culture and love the artistic qualities of the beautiful Indian Peacock, then this wooden decorative sculpture will make a lovely addition to a table, shelf, mantel, or glass cabinet in your home interior. It will go particularly well with South Asian themed décor as well as spaces needing an injection of color to brighten up a particular spot. The detailing of the peacock is quite sublime and the skill required to make sure a delightfully curving representation of this remarkable creature is astonishing. It’s certain to become a prominent feature in whichever room it is placed.

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It measures 9 inches tall and 6 inches wide and comes in a special velvet box.