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Oriental designs are popular additions to room decor schemes across the nation. They offer an often exotic feel and bring back memories of foreign vacations in the Far East. Contrary to what you might think, one doesn’t have to splash out on expensive furnishings to gain this style. The hand painted chest of drawers in the image below is just such an example of how any type of furniture piece can be given an Oriental themed make-over.

oriental-hand-painted-chest-of-drawersIf you are an artist and like to paint, then you will be in your element. It’s easy to find second-hand or cheap Ikea furniture to then prepare and paint on. The only limit is your imagination and perhaps your spouse’s patience. The hand painted chest of drawers in antique green pictured here is just such a result you can expect to achieve. There are numerous stencil template designs and cut outs that can be an aid in your design process.

However, if you’re not really artistically orientated and you want a gentle Orientally themed furniture piece, then the antique green chest of drawers with the hand-painted Oriental woman design on front might well be what you’re looking for. As you can see, it’s been given an aged look which will fit in especially with painted walls that have been given similar treatments.

It’s a great little addition to a hallway, bedroom or even a rustic style bathroom which might have a Japanese or Eastern ambiance. Whilst not technically an item that would have been found in the traditional Japanese tea rooms, you can place this where you entertain guests and use this in a similar way to its function in the picture, as a tea and coffee tray table.

You can buy this decorative chest from the following location: Hand Painted Chest of Drawers in Antique Green.

By the way, there is also a floral design on top.