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This delightful and charismatic penguin sculpture made from hand-blown glass reminds me very much of a story I read in the newspapers a few days ago. An elderly Belgian man had for decades dressed and behaved like, and indeed thought of himself, a penguin. The residents of his town would cheerfully greet him as he waddled down the street. This glass sculpture is more elegant, refined and decorative however and will sit well on a prominent table-top or shelf.

The penguin sculpture is the creation of Finnish designer and glassblower Oiva Toikka and his renowned Nuutajarvi Glass Factory, which is the oldest in Finland. The ingredients which go into the making of the various bird designs that come from the factory include sand, soda, lime and fire. Red-hot glass melts into a mass in the kilns before being brought out and shaped into beautiful animals. Each bird is individually mouth-blown by between 3 and 5 skilled glassblowers. This means each creation is unique and has its own special character. By the way, no paint is used in the process and the different tones, including white and black are achieved purely by varying glass blowing processes.

Penguin birds are highly recognisable creatures and this is why they make great decorative themes and have been portrayed in countless movies, books and works of art. The birds are also popular amongst collectors of small décor items, trinkets and fine art due to their loveable walks and their distinctive features. This hand-blown glass penguin sculpture will catch natural daylight wherever it is placed and is sure to add a distinguished feel to the interior ambiance.

You can buy this sculpture from here: Hand-Blown Glass Penguin Sculpture.

Individually handmade.