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The Artisan bench looks a lot like a typical park bench you see across the country. However, it’s been designed specifically for indoor use and will make an excellent addition to a hallway, entrance area, garage or utility room. Now instead of standing on one leg to tie your shoe laces or take your boots off, you can sit down on the sturdy wooden bench which comes with a secure back and take things more easily. It’s both pleasing in function and form, and will certainly match well with a variety of existing décor schemes.

The two drawers actually make up part of the bench seat and are very handy for placing everyday items you might need when exiting the home. Within the drawer space you can store objects such as gloves, keys, letters, stamps, torches, glasses, shoe polish tubs, suntan lotions, and various other bits and pieces one tends to use a lot when near the household’s entrance. The bench is a great place to sit and rest whilst waiting for a wife or husband to finish getting ready to go out.

Indoor benches can make great decorative features in the home. They can be situated in other areas of the interior as well such as in a bedroom where they can look good at the end of the bed or against a wall. If a bathroom is big enough they can also be situated in this particular interior. Then there are glass kitchen extensions which suit furniture pieces of this type as well. The quality crafted indoor bench will last a lifetime and offer friends, family and visiting guests an often much needed place to sit and catch their breath.

You can buy it from here: Artisan Bench With Drawers.

This bench is in light oak but a darker color can also be found.