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If you’re looking for a storage cabinet in which to show of your best china, figurines or sculptures, then a curio cabinet is what you are looking for. For rooms which are more traditional and old-worldly in nature, then this half round wooden curio cabinet in antique brown will make an ideal addition to the interior setting. This is particularly the case if you want the cabinet itself to be a major focal point of the room. So what exactly is a Curio cabinet?

half-round-wooden-curio-cabinetA Curio cabinet is used to present and display precious ornaments, dolls, tableware, glassware, artistic sculptures and collections of items that share a common theme. The cabinets are usually predominantly made of glass although many, like in the case of the half round wooden curio cabinet as picture above, come crafted of other materials.

However, each one is similar in that the display case has glass windows which allow easy viewing of the items within. Most curio cabinets have glass on each side of the case whilst others also have a mirror at the back, closest to the wall. A great majority have glass shelving which allow the ornaments and sculptures to be seen from all angles.

Curio cabinets are different to regular display cabinets which usually show items from a horizontal perspective. The Curio instead is vertical in order to show standing items such as figurines and decorated boxes. Another main function of the Curio cabinet is to keep the precious objects inside free from dust and dampness, thereby prolonging the quality of the pieces.

The half round wooden curio cabinet pictured here is one of my favourites. As mentioned before, it’s ideal for an interior space which is more classical in its design scheme. This Curio comes with two stepped edge glass shelves which are found behind a set of three doors. For great lighting effects, there are also three halogen lights with a step switch. The finish consists of a distressed antique brown with black undertones.

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