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When you first see the gun table lamp, one could be forgiven for seeing it as a tacky item of table decoration bought from a car boot sale. Well, it is terribly tacky and it’s bordering on the lower realms of bad taste but… and this is key, it basks in this assumption with a James Bond like confidence and smugness. It’s only when you realise this is a Philippe Starck gun lamp that you start to think, maybe it’s not that bad after all.

gun-table-lampHow can anything created by the a French designer be bad taste? This is like saying Las Vegas is the cultural capital of America. The French, on the whole, when it comes to fashion and aesthetics have a certain savoir-faire that oozes charm and elegance. Philippe Starck is an icon to generations of design enthusiasts with his contemporary and exciting furniture and product creations. Anything by this master…

…Who am I kidding? This gun table lamp is tackiness French style with its black lamp shade and polished 18K gold finish. Nonetheless, it is exciting, it is different, it is unique and it is fun! For a home owner who likes to add a little humor and self-deprecating tackiness to their interior design, this Philippe Stark gun lamp is perfect. The lamp is actually part of Starck’s design collection of identifiable weapon forms redefined as light-giving objects. Add to this, the fact that it is produced by the well renowned Flos Lighting Company in Italy and the gun lamp begins to look less sinful as the revelations unwrap.

philippe-starck-gun-lampIf you know a James Bond enthusiast or you are looking for a fun bachelor pad lighting fixture, this gun table lamp is the answer. You know, I am actually beginning to really like this lamp, that’s what writing about something often does.

Anyway, you can purchase this lamp from the following location: Gun Table Lamp by Philippe Starck.

The gun is made of die-cast aluminum.