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Large throws are one of the more versatile fabric accessories one can buy for the home. This green oversized throw is an example of this and has been created by the well known and respected designers Mike Tuttle and Jennifer Tuttle. Titled “Current in Grass”, the beautiful light green is reminiscent of summer meadows and gardens. This is highlighted by the slight yellow tone also present which brings the sun-laden grass to mind. It’s cheerful whilst also being comfortingly warm.

The oversized throw is made from a mixture of organic cotton and bamboo rayon. This allows the throw to pull moisture away from the body and evaporate from the fabric itself. During the Summer, this will prevent the throw from being a hindrance in the heat and actually help the cooling process. Numerous micro-holes make it an ideal accessory for both Winter and Summer seasons. In deep December, the “Current in Grass” oversized throw will make a lovely festive backdrop for Christmas celebrations.

Generously sized and luxuriously soft, the oversized green throw will fit into most interior settings whether that be a bedroom, living room, home study or even outside on the lawn in warmer weather. Placed over a bed, armchair, sofa or hung against a wall, this oversized throw in a beautiful yellow-green will soften and enhance just about any space in the home. It’s very light too, so can easily be swapped from one location to another.

You can buy this throw from here: Green Modern Oversized Throw.

Price: $180