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Decorative trays are great accessories to add to a dining room or living room coffee table. They provide color, decoration and a touch of cultural history if they are like this tribal style green African decorative tray from Mozambique. Individually hand crafted and with beautiful circular patterns, the East African look is clearly evident and will present an eye-catching feature to any interior.

Mozambique is a nation located in the South East of the African continent and has a vast and rich history and tradition of design. Many cultural influences have shaped the atmosphere and creative works of this nation that borders the Indian Ocean. The Portuguese colonized the region in the early 16th Century whilst the area has also been influenced by Arabs, Indians and other European peoples as well as neighbouring African tribes.

Most people in Mozambique are of the Bantu group and there is a long history of wood carving. The Makonde people are especially well known for their art work and are famed for their carved household objects, figures and masks. This beautiful green decorative tray is a fine example of the talent found in this African nation and will make a perfect gift for anyone who has a fondness for African art and culture or perhaps a friend who has ancestry from this region of the world.

You can buy this green tray from here: Green African Decorative Tray Made In Mozambique.

Price: $72