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A wine bottle and glass caddy is a functional and decorative feature for any setting where friends and family gather for light snacks and wine. This grape themed wrought iron bottle holder fulfils the need for a handy and safe place to briefly store an opened, or soon to be opened, bottle of wine as well as space for 4 wine glasses. The holder allows the wine accessories to be carried securely on a tray or by hand to the table where guests are sitting or a nearby counter-top.

Whether you are storing wine or serving wine, this bottle and glass holder will add an aesthetic charm to a room. With the main lights down low and flickering candles or small lamps lit, the wrought iron sculptural representation of grapes and vines will reflect onto nearby walls and even the ceiling. What better way to enjoy wine than with decorative elements on the theme of vineyards and grapes.

The iron caddy is made in New York and is a quality piece that will last for many years and even generations. When not in use as a wine bottle and glass holder, it can be placed on a kitchen or dining room shelf and even be complimented with a small potted plant or indoor ivy-like flora.

You can buy this caddy from here: Grape Themed Iron Wine Bottle and Glass Holder.

Price: $59.99