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Graffiti has been the bane of buildings for centuries. We might think it’s a modern occurrence, what with spray cans and paint being easily accessible. However, it’s not and graffiti in all it’s shapes and forms can be seen in the oldest of buildings across Europe, for example, Canterbury Cathedral in England. This Graffiti Table Lamp by Studio Italia Design is a lighting fixture that revels in this fact.

When visiting some old churches across Europe, you’ll often be told by guides and history books of engravings etched into the stonework of the walls. One old church I visited still had the engraved graffiti of the Crusaders before they set off for the Holy Land. Then of course you have the ancient caves in France where early man drew animals and hunting scenes. This graffiti table lamp is not as old, thank goodness but it is in its own way a testament to the human love of expression through art, design and imagery.

The Graffiti Table by Studio Italia Design features a transparent crystal diffuser and graffiti-style markings. These provide a wonderful illumination effect when the table lamp is lit. When the rest of the room’s lights are either off or turned low, this graffiti lamp will create a dynamic and exciting accent lighting effect that will enlarge the scope of the graffiti to nearby walls and table tops.

It’s a table lamp that’s ideal for a contemporary living space, whether this be a living room, artist’s studio, home study or a stylish bedroom.

One can also find the diffuser design in white, rather than black.