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Graceful and elegant. These are certainly two words that can be used to describe this mahogany tripod pedestal table as seen in the image below. Three small legs support a triple column arrangement which harks back to classical antiquity. What really brings character to the pedestal table however is the set of two miniature drawers which have become part of the column structure. As well as being a display furniture piece, it also has storage potential.

An advantage to be had with all pedestal tables like this tripod mahogany version is the small footprint they have. This means the floor space the furniture item covers is very small thereby allowing for extra room which can be given to access and other objects. Cleaning is also a lot easier with less surface space to look after. As long as an item is not obviously over burdening, the tripod pedestal table is designed to carry various weights without tipping over.

A tripod pedestal table of this particular variety is best employed as a sculpture or flower stand. The small table surface means the sculpture or vase will be the main focal feature and a floating quality will likely be achieved. Locations in the home for this type of table are numerous but one might consider areas where flowers, vases and sculptures will best be seen and enjoyed. A dining room, hallway or bedroom are just a few possibilities.

The two small drawers can be used to keep little keepsakes in or private notes only members of the family will know about. Finished with natural polishes, the tripod table has been hand carved by expert craftsmen therefore providing a quality and unique feature for your home.

You can buy this furniture piece from here: Graceful Mahogany Tripod Pedestal Table.

Price: $265