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If you’re looking for a green doormat which symbolises your concerns over the environment then this green recycle symbol doormat might well be what you were after. The mat consists of a simple design but with a clear message to guests and family members alike. Placed by the front or back door, the ‘Go Green’ doormat will add an attractive color to the floor area as well as identifying your views on the environment.

The green doormat is made from environmentally friendly materials. As well as this, the coloring is composed from the latest fade-resistant dyes which means the all-important green will not begin to fade for a long time. The cream of the recycle symbol and ‘Go Green’ lettering contrasts tastefully with the grassy green of the doormat and will fit in snugly on the floor by the main door.

It’s important to recycle your home waste as often as possible and throughout this website I have given and will continue to give environmentally friendly tips and inspiration for the best ways to stay green and help the environment. On the right, you will see in the catagory table a section dedicated to eco-friendly ideas and products.

You can buy this green doormat with the recycle symbol from the following location: Go Green Doormat With Recycle Symbol.

Price: $38