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One of my favorite table accessories in the hot Summer months is the Fargo Table Fan. Unique designs always appeal to my senses and this is no exception. Reminiscent of the old American bank or office fans from the 1920’s, this cool retro item serves as both an appliance and a decorative feature. When you look at it you can’t help but think of the Dick Tracy comic strips.

Fanimation took a giant leap forwards with this fascinating design. The basic concepts of air circulation and velocity have been completely revolutionised. Air flows into the top of the fan and then out again at the equator of the globe, through 360 degrees. This means that the cooling effect is at head level and also results in less disturbance beneath. No more papers flying everywhere when you need to cool down whilst working.

globe-shaped-table-fan-by-fargo-brass-spherePowerful blades circulate inside a sphere which is perched on top of a conic base. The powerful stream of refreshing cool air is of a surprisingly powerful strength for such a compact-looking table fan.

It comes with protective rubber feet and is easy to handle and carry about. There are in total three different speed levels which can be adjusted without fuss. This Fargo fan is a perfect accessory for an old style interior and would go extremely well in a home study, library or living room. I especially like it because it reminds me of the old world globes that I’m so particularly fond of.

At the time of writing it cost $249.

If you want to purchase it or just read more about it then have a look here: Fargo Burgundy Faux Leather/Brushed Brass 220 Volt Table Fan